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This is how campaign planning works on LinkedIn

This is how campaign planning works on LinkedIn

The business site has released a guide that provides marketers with an overview of the various advertising options. A useful tool for everyone who wants to improve their campaign plan at the Center.

Anyone planning an ad campaign on social media should not ignore LinkedIn, a steadily growing business platform. The site’s quarterly revenue recently rose 23 percent. Now advertisers can look forward to the newly released guide for a successful campaign on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager already helps advertisers plan and execute campaigns. With the new campaign planning template, there is now a useful overview of the Center’s various advertising options for marketers. The guide can Here Downloaded.

Different products and advertising goals

If you want to get an overview of what advertising campaigns are possible on LinkedIn, you will find an overview at the beginning of the guide. It explains which product is suitable for which advertising goal – from brand awareness to engagement to website changes.

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Detailed overview of all campaign types

The 38 page guide contains an overview of all types of campaigns that can be started on LinkedIn. These include, for example, single image ads and carousel ads. There are also worksheets for video ads and text ads. Detailed descriptions of the different types provide a useful overview of the key components and further links.

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Templates for personal campaign planning in the Center

After an overview of the respective campaign types, there are campaign worksheets that you can fill out yourself. Advertisers can enter various elements here, such as the promotional elements of their campaign, the introductory text and the URL of the landing page. A complete example of orientation.

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The guide provides a practical overview of the various advertising options and their features, especially for those new to marketing. But even experienced marketers can benefit from worksheets. Above all, filling templates are a useful tool to make the campaign plan more effective. If you are also interested in the center’s P2B content, you can find more tips from the business site here.