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How to better prepare for next week’s offers?

In 2021 the French days will soon return for the second time in a row. This will help e-merchants to save money by selling unsold shares. But, how to prepare well so as not to miss any offer? We tell you everything in this article!

Follow French Days 2021 on Frontroid.

Follow French Days 2021 on Frontroid.

French days are taking place again this year, to re-establish themselves between school bargaining and year-end offers Good Friday. Most French e-merchants will openly participate in the event and then play a promotional game for several days.

When are the French days?

The second edition of French Days 2021 will take place in late May and early June Friday, September 24 from 7 a.m. to midnight on Monday, September 27.

Who are the participants?

French days in France have accelerated in recent years. If Boulanger, Cdiscount, Fnac / Darty and Rue du Commerce are investigators, many e-merchants have joined the movement to give you the best prices during the event.

How to follow French Day offers?

At Frontroid, our manufacturers are experts in the world of technology, always providing you the right products at the best prices. So if you want to find a French Days bargain to prepare yourself with a new smartphone, tablet, wireless headset, TV, laptop or connected items, be aware that the Pons project team will be mobilized to select you and share the best event offers.

Don’t miss any offers:

French days ahead of time

Some e-merchants are already preparing the ground with the possibility of purchasing e-gift cards in order to achieve greater savings than advertised in the French days of 2021. Cdiscount case offered at this moment An e-card costs only 150 euros to 130 euros With promo code CKDO20. One worth 250 euros comes to 220 euros With promo code CKDO30.

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The offer is valid on limited shares, i.e. 2,500 e-cards for 150 euros and 1,500 e-cards for 250 euros.