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This developer deals with Cyberbank and No Man's Sky

This developer deals with Cyberbank and No Man’s Sky

Shocking statements. CEO, editor of Moon StudiosOri and the blind forest Its sequel explicitly attacks many developers and their intolerable practices related to the premature launch of certain games.

One post, three goals

In the family I openly attack game creators and developers in their marketing strategy, I ask a developer. Players, journalists or other professionals have criticized this policy, which is considered a lie by some studios (such as CD Project). Cyberpunk 2077 Long ago), this was a developer’s method (a very rare case), Thomas Mahler, CEO of Moon Studios, DirectorOri and the Blind Forest at Ori and the Will of the Whispers To charge. Questioned, Misrepresentation of publishers’ promises, misrepresentations and games.

In a long post titled “Why are gamers so eager to trust Charlotte and even forgive them? “, Released at Resetora, the director of Moon Studios attacked several developers as a senior Peter Molineux – Author The population Or Myth – Developer of There is no human sky Sean Murray, a CD project (Surprise?) Dad Cyberpunk 2077.

“Instead of telling you what my product is, let me be so excited about what you’re all excited about!” It worked as long as you spent your money, the game really had nothing to do with the exaggeration Peter created.

Do anything on Minecraft in space

The first bullet. Further scrolling, we notice Thomas Mahler attacking developer Sean Murray this time No man’s sky, He was charged with the same kind of practices. Let us quote: ” He exaggerated the multiplayer of the game, and was delighted to let people think of No Man’s Sky as ‘Minecraft in Space’, in which you can actually do anything.“, Used by JV’s Charlottes, according to Thomas Mahler, in order to increase the excitement among the players, which promises a game potential that does not really exist.

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He continues:

They have released a few updates, so let’s forget the lies and tricks and spray it again with rewards because it was able to follow what was planned for the game a few years ago.

CD Project, of course

Flood the game with catch-up post-product updates? How not to think about the strategy of the CD project Cyberpunk 2077. This is the third goal of Thomas Mahler. He lets it go Marcin Ivinsky and his team would have been inspired by the same tactics of Molineux and Sean Murray : “Here, the entire public relations department of the CDPR was inspired to work for Molineux and Murray and began to do anything.We remember the survey Jason Schreier announced for the Bloomberg site last January, In it he cites the testimonials of some developers during development Cyberpunk 2077.

Is the sprayer watered?

Finally, Mahler points out and generalizes. “charlatans“, And by addressing them directly: “I do ‘C *’ on liars and people who have no problem openly deceiving others. I think we should all accept that this is intolerable.[…] Don’t sell features that don’t exist. Don’t sell a picture you can’t paint. do not tell lies. You like players, you like journalists. “

It is rare to hear or read words like this from a developer to their colleagues. These statements did not fail to provoke reactions from the players, Responded to the CEO of Moon StudiosOri and the blind forest And Ori and Will of the Whispers Many bugs were affected by their releases, Before the patches fix them.

Regarding Mahler’s statements, Neither Peter Molineux nor Sean Murray nor CD Project Red wanted to respond.