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This cryptocurrency is the pet of minor players

This cryptocurrency is the pet of minor players

Jackson Davidson has caused frustration among many gamers since he posted a video of his mining farm on Twitter, including more than 1,500 Nvidia graphics cards. Usually cards for players …

For months now, the shortage of graphics cards has frustrated millions of gamers who have failed to get these new GPUs that improve the performance of their computers. Questionable are supply problems for semiconductors, especially the frenzy of cryptocurrency miners.

Miners swallowing graphics cards

There is nothing better than a good, powerful graphics card to create crypto. Also, if possible, several graphics cards that work in parallel to generate the maximum number of virtual currencies! However, in a situation like the scarcity we are currently experiencing, it is difficult to understand why most of these products are being diverted from their use.

That did not stop Jackson Davidson, a U.S.-based Utah-based miner, from posting a video of his graphics card farm on Twitter. Most of them are Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3070 (there are 1,539 units!) Many gamers are frustrated with not being able to install them on their computers. Davidson bought the parts from small businesses in his district, he said.

It is not finished, he wants to equip the second building with CMP 170 HX, cards from Nvidia were also dedicated to the mining operation. So they will not be missed by the players. All of these features allow Jackson Davidson to create a daily equivalent of $ 8,000 on Ethereum. It’s really appealing, but this gain comes at the expense of many.

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