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Fortnight: Collect toy double layers - all locations •

Fortnight: Collect toy double layers – all locations •

All locations of Toy Double Decker in Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove or Sleepy Sleepy are on the map of Chapter 3 Season 1.

Collect toy pipelines in Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove or Sleepy Sound – This is the task waiting for you on the third day of the Fortnite Winter Festival 2021. What it is, and where to find toy planes on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 map in three places, we will show you on this page.

Fortnight: Collect toy pipeline contents:

Find all the toy pipelines in Fortnite

X4 Stormwing planes usually roll out of their dusty hangars at Fortnite Christmas, but this is not the first time this year. Well, at least not in the air. Instead, this method has its miniatures and this is what you need to collect for the third Winterfest mission.

There are a total of 13 toy double decks on the Fortnight Chapter 3 map, which are distributed in three locations: Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove and Sleepy Sound. They are similar to their larger prototypes, only smaller in size. Since you only need to collect three pieces for the task, it is enough if you visit only one of the three places. It’s a bar and totally yours. We have marked the double decker locations for you in the map below and then move on to more details.

Fortnight: Chapter 3 Season 1 Map with locations of toy pipelines.

Toy Double Layer on the Condo Canyon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Map

To the southeast of the map you can see the city of Condo Canyon. There are a total of five toy double decks here: three of them on the north side of the city and two on the south side. The following diagram shows where you can pick up the toy hover.

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Fort Knight: A map of the locations of toy pipelines in the Condo Canyon.
  1. The back (west) of the Spillex gas station building, next to the garbage can.
  2. In the study of the house in the northeast (room on the ground floor in the northwest), next to the map desk.
  3. In the pool of the large ocher-colored house in the middle of the northern part of the Condo Canyon, next to the Cornhole game board (Akka Bean Pack / Blind Hole / Sandback Throw).
  4. On the shelf next to Dill at the Keyboard King Store (pink building next to NOMS) on the southwest side of Condo Canyon.
  5. Just east of the Canyon Plaza parking lot, on the small edge with a palm tree near the valley.

Here you can find double layers in Greasy Grove

The quiet Greasy Grove is covered in snow on the southeast of the island and features a total of four toy double decks. Three of them are in the north of the city and two in the south. The following diagram shows where you can pick up the toy hover.

Fortnite: Map with locations of toy pipelines in Greece Crowe.
  1. Under the slide, at the playground northwest of Greece Crowe.
  2. In the basement of the large purple-wine red family house (access from the back). The plane is in a secret side room, you have to break the wall with the curtain next to the TV.
  3. Outdoor store with two boats in the center of Grease Grove. Next to the rocks in the middle of the shop.
  4. In the garage of a gas station in southeastern Greece, next to the tire rack.
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Where to find toy planes in Sleepy Sound

The coastal city is located north of the Sleepy Sound map and is divided into northern and southern parts by a bay. There are a total of four toy double decks here, one of which can be found on the north and three on the south. You can find the exact locations on the map below.

Fortnight: A map of the locations of toy pipelines in the Sleepy Sound.
  1. Small blue wooden house on the north bank of the Sleepy Sound Bay. It is in the room in front of the TV (ground floor, east side).
  2. Between the pool turntable and the children’s swing to the south of Sleepy Sound.
  3. In the NOMS store next to a cupboard in the northeast corner of the building.
  4. In the campers to the southeast of Slee Sound, check out the purple and blue paddle pool with the red parachute.

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