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Third DLC in 2021?  The old leak guessed all the ads -

Third DLC in 2021? The old leak guessed all the ads –

Pokemon sword and shield One can get The third DLC in 2021.. The information came from an old public leak in February 2020 on 4chan. Now why are we throwing it out? Because we understand that The leak “incredibly” guessed all the upcoming announcements. At the time, no one considered it credible, both to the source and to the exaggerated information.

Released by an anonymous 4chan user, the leak is said to be in 2020 Pokemon sword and shield They will get two DLCs, which will add about 200 Pokmon. It was rumored that a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl would be coming in 2021. Furthermore, the leak spoke of another project known only as the project Kingpin, which was released in 2022: although it cannot be confirmed, it is more likely to refer to the Arcius Pokemon Legends, which are expected to be accurate for 2022.

Finally, said the leak A DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield in 2021., Which will add the missing Pokemon and three new magical Pokemon. Of course the leaker may have had a lot (very) luck and actually guessed various announcements without any information.

Further, The leak is now old, meanwhile Camfreak is likely to set this DLC aside. It is really “strange” that no other rumors have come out considering that the Pokemon locals are very active. The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, in fact, have been offered by the public for some time, and this announcement did not surprise anyone.

E3 2021 may be a good time Third Pokemon Sword and Shield to announce DLC, so now we can only wait. In the meantime, we can enjoy the new Pokemon Snap: the trailer shows the beautiful settings on the Nintendo Switch.

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