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Download PC Cleaner (Free) PC

Specializing in cleaning, PC Cleaner can identify and delete unwanted files that clutter up PC disks, but can also improve the Windows registry and clear browsing histories.

It often happens that hard drives are cluttered with useless programs or files that are no longer needed. Therefore, for good management of space, it is desirable to clean these disks PC Cleaner. PC Cleaner It is primarily intended to clean the system. By cleaning the disk, you can delete files that are no longer needed, and that they are already forgotten. The program can scan and fix Windows registry errors with its Registry Cleaner. As a result, the system will run more efficiently and consistently. PC Cleaner This will not only clean the system but also help maintain privacy. In fact, it is possible to delete user browsing history and cookies. This way, no one can identify their functions on the computer. This software also helps to manage applications that were initially started. If necessary, the user can customize the list of programs in the control panel. This boot management improves the performance of the Windows system.

Be careful though: you have to pay for this old and ugly software, and only the rated version that can be used for a few days can be downloaded for free here. In addition, many users complain about the quality of cleaning, some say that this tool is simply useless, especially as it is very effective compared to other freebies like the popular CCleaner.