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These Android and iOS processors are temporarily free

These Android and iOS processors are temporarily free

Like every week, Next Bit gives you good deals on processors and mobile games for iOS and Android, which are usually paid but temporarily free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This list is updated weekly, and we now add at least two weekly editions on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Between the time of publication and the time of reading this article, some applications may be charged again. It’s easy to predict Google Play Store ads in apps, but it’s more complicated with App Store ads because Apple does not specify how long the discount is valid.

Small advice: Discover an interesting application, but you can not really use it now? Install the app anyway and then remove it from your device. This way the application will be part of your application library and you can reinstall it for free when you need it. A good way not to miss a temporary ad.

Temporary Android applications in the Google Play Store

Android Productivity / Lifestyle apps are temporarily free in the Google Play Store

  • Color circle (1,89): The color circle application is designed for artists and photographers. You can easily track things like fill colors;
  • NT Calculator (2,69): NT Calculator is a professional calculator for your Android smartphone. Since I am bad at math, it is difficult for me to determine if the range of functions is appropriate. But the reviews are promising;
  • English for everyone! Pro (0.69): Language learning app for your Android smartphone! The language only refers to English, so: “If you can not read this award, it is better to download this application!”;
  • VLSM Calculator (1.99): This application is suitable for calculating certificates such as “CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCIE”. Network administrators know what to do with this!
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Temporarily free Android games on the Google Play Store

  • Principia: Master of Science (3,19): According to reviews, a roll-flaming game that you can play for the English language version. So do not push the foreign languages ​​page in the Google Play Store;
  • Vectron (4.49): An interesting game that is part of the art experience. Like Unmaze, it is an educational mobile game;
  • Classic Sudoku PRO (2,09): Sudoku game with 4.55 stars with 995 reviews. This is a real note for Sudoku enthusiasts;
  • Blind (2,09): Do you have to regret it? Download this heavy 2D operating system for Android;
  • Mystic pillars (3,79): This puzzle game is already on the internet! So give it a try.

Temporarily free iOS processors in the Apple App Store

Temporarily free iOS productivity / lifestyle apps from the Apple App Store

  • Calcavier (3,49): There is also a free calculator for iOS this week.
  • Stream music player (2,29): Access and listen to your music stored on cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OnDrive and more;
  • Find HappyCow vegetarian food (4.49): With this app you can find vegetarian restaurants all over the world. The community behind the off cow is 450,000;
  • AudiosCrub (version remix) (2,29): Do you play any musical instruments? Audioscrub will rotate parts and help you learn them. You can adjust the speed or the button;
  • Enjoy the sunset (2,29): View or set notifications on your device to see when the sun is setting;
  • Pixelcam (1,09): Take a photo with retro effects, who needs 12 million pixels when you have a few hundred?
  • Random (Number Generator) (2,29): Set the minimum and maximum value and let the iPhone or iPad generate a random number (or pseudo-random, for the most strict with the time limit);
  • Lewidget Photo Box (1,09): Turn your favorite photos into widgets on your iOS or iPad home screen;
  • A METEO (5.49): In its interpretation, One Meteo guarantees the most accurate global forecasts because source data is used by sectors such as aviation;
  • Stellar Tour- AR Starcasser (1,09): The best complement to the “Moon” app, this app allows you to point your smartphone at night sky and you will get information about the stars.
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Temporarily free iOS games on the Apple App Store

  • Animal World Cardinal Land Puzzle (2,29): Get a good mobile game on your cell phone with this puzzle! You have to put the pieces in the compression animal;
  • Planet puzzle (3,49): Planet Puzzle is one of the most popular kids mobile games on the AppStore;
  • Digital dog (2,29): Adopting a virtual dog, caring for it, feeding it, and walking with it (actually, with the device, in the real world) is a good thing for those who need the motivation to do a little work. ‘Exercise;
  • Transport brain (2,29): It is basically a traffic light simulator that helps manage the programming of traffic lights and controls the flow of vehicles in increasingly complex conditions;
  • LVL (2,29): This puzzle game has 3D and 2D and 50 custom levels and more than 150 levels. The app takes up 127MB, but is testing today as it is free;
  • Rush Runner Train Surf 3D (1,09): Classic endless runner with good rankings and colorful candy graphics;

What do you think of our selection this week? Did you find the most interesting advertising apps or games in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store? You can share your tips in the comments.