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Elden Ring date de sortie

There is nothing you can do about this terrible hacker

Over the past few days, a particularly tough hacker has hit the Elton Ring, but describes himself as a “necessary evil”.

You can not miss the event Elton Ring. Released on February 25, From Software caused a stir among game critics, but also with players, for better or worse. When some people control the demanding game of the title, a terrible unexpected obstacle may suddenly stand in your way. This is a hacker, familiar to the latest players already Dark souls.

Malcolm Reynolds is actually a regular in software games which makes other players sad. For the past few days, he has been trying to infiltrate as many games as possible, with the aim of killing the host and driving him out of the game. Run your business Elton RingHe appreciates the many steps he meticulously explains.

First, he must infiltrate and win a lambda game, and then he goes in search of the host, killing him with powerful spells, strong enough to resist. Once targeted, you have no chance until you imitate NPC as a talented player did. But magic does not corrupt you. It allows you to invest your inventory with unlisted material and is therefore considered fraudulent. As a result, you will be expelled from the software.

Who is the hacker in the white cap who greets you?

Malcolm Reynolds describes his actions as an unusual way of attracting the attention of software, although his actions have not been well received by gamers and developers. In an interview கொட்டகு, The anti-cheat system used by the game, Easy Anti-Seat, he says is highly unreliable and easily bypassed. He mentions:

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The way one manages to avoid the easy anti-slip is another matter. I am a necessary evil. You may be wondering if getting caught is part of the plan, yes it is. If I win, will the game die? I don’t think so, but maybe Bandai will fix it. It’s time to go mobile

His ultimate goal? Make sure Bandai Namco is the publisherElton Ring, Do your best to prevent these incidents. If the motive is “glorious”, the methods are discredited.