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Bureau WhatsApp bêta Windows macOS

There is also a trial version of WhatsApp for desktop that anyone can use

While this is a service that focuses more on the mobile versions available, WhatsApp is dedicated to customers for desktop and other sites and systems. This diversity is essential and a part of your success.

With a very active testing program and a series of new releases, beta quality is guaranteed. WhatsApp has now decided to further open its beta program and expand to 2 new sites. So, Windows and MacOS already have access to this version of the app.

WhatsApp betting worked very positively in its testing program. The company that owns Facebook is reviewing news of its growth. The guarantee of gaining experience in real situations guarantees the detection of problems.

Since it is on both Android and iOS, the trial program decided to open the range of programs. So there is now a beta version of this app for Windows (download here) and MacOS (download here). Users need to install it.

MacOS Windows Beta WhatsApp Desktop

Once installed, users do not need to register for the beta program. Simply using this version allows you to evaluate the new project. They should at least make sure they are using version 2.2133.1 for now.

Anyone who encounters problems during the application will have the facility to report them. Go to the app settings and select the option to contact WhatsApp. Then they have to describe the problem so that it can be recreated, evaluated and resolved.

MacOS Windows Beta WhatsApp Desktop

This first version already brings changes to users. The recording of audio messages is rich in the presence of sound waves. There is also the option to listen to recorded audio, and this feature is still being tested on Android and iOS.

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This is another good news for WhatsApp users. Once you know that the iPod version is almost here, it’s time to get to know and enjoy all the new features created for the Windows and MacOS desktop version.