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The Zelda video game cartridge sold for 70,870,000 at auction, a "world record"

The Zelda video game cartridge sold for 70,870,000 at auction, a “world record”

A cartridge for the famous video game Nintendo NES consoles “Description of Zelda Provided for the amount “Registration” At $ 870,000 (7 732,500), the auction house traditional auctions announced in a statement on Friday.

“This is the centerpiece” The sale, which takes place somewhat online until Sunday, July 11, includes “443 lot”, Dallas-based company spokesman AFP told Eric Bradley. Dated 1987, the coin is still sealed in its original packaging.

This is one as far as the auction house is concerned “World Record for Video Game”, Before sale, last April, at more traditional auctions, the Super Mario Brothers video game carton for the Nintendo NES since 1986 ($ 660,000 or 55 555,700). Tradition does not relate to the identity of the buyer.

The combination of adventure, action and exploration in the magic universe is one of the most important topics in Zelda video game history and a key feature of Nintendo, which has always been on the list for its switch consoles. For many years now, “retro” video games have been enjoying growing success with nostalgic gamers.

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