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Nintendo's Super Mario manga is coming to North America

Nintendo’s Super Mario manga is coming to North America

Super Mario has easily become one of the most popular video game characters to come on consoles, thanks to Nintendo’s company, which has created a steady stream of games for Italian plumbers, and will be a new way for the Kingdom resident to explore his adventures with the long running manga series on the North American coast! Manga Super Mario-Kun In fact its name is over fifty volumes and there are so many of these stories to swallow for Nintendo fans this latest installment that is hitting the West.

Super Mario has unveiled several versions of the video game company’s latest console Nintendo Switch, which can be used on both a home system and a small device Super Mario Brothers U, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party, Paper Mario Origami, Even more so! Mario’s brother Luigi even got a game that saw a green-clad scary cat exploring a ghost hotel Luigi’s House3 On the switch. Regardless of what the future holds for Mario, it is clear that he will continue to be a part of Nintendo’s consoles if the company continues!

(Photo: Wis Media)

Wis Media has released a new volume Super Mario-Kun Earlier this week, I took a few stories from this long-running series and put them together as a collection, giving us a new example of the famous Italian plumbers whose adventures are so popular in the world of video games!

Super Mario-Kun Launched in the early 1990s, it revisits many video game stories from a new unique perspective and offers some weird events that never go away on Nintendo consoles! Although not every story of this Mario manga is in this collection, if this volume were popular we would imagine that more volumes would go to the North American coast.

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Super Mario went on TV decades ago with an animated series, a movie that has been rumored for a long time, but Nintendo fans are excited to see Universal Studios create their own “Super Nintendo World”. Recreates the mushroom kingdom.

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