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The world's largest functional Nintendo Switch is here

The world’s largest functional Nintendo Switch is here

The size of the Nintendo Switch console is small, and you can operate it anywhere. However, for Michael Pick, there is a downside to the size of the Nintendo Switch: “It’s very easy to lose. So, he decided to solve this problem by creating a big Nintendo switch.

Michael Big considers himself an “ordinary engineer.” On his channel Web light, He presents his works as the smallest MacBook Pro or the smallest gaming PC. Plus, they work perfectly!

This time, Michael Big decided to think big. In fact, the “occasional engineer” will figure it out Nintendo Switch “Very easy to lose” due to its small size. Okay, he fixes the problem by making a big Nintendo switch. Since its switch measurements, it is very large 177.8 cm long, 76.2 cm high and weighs over 30 kg.

© Michael Big / YouTube

Additionally, this console is fully functional! As shown in the video, Michael plays Big Mario Kart 8. In fact, the buttons on the giant switch are connected to the real Joy-Con by a lever system, and it has a 4K screen.

Michael Big donated his work to Children’s Hospital in Nashville. “The kids loved it! Honestly, that’s the best part [la création] »“From time to time the engineer,” he said.