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Mario Kart 9, Super Smash Brothers and more

Mario Kart 9, Super Smash Brothers and more

Nintendo games have always been known to leak before official announcements. Although most of them are many fake leaks, some of them are ultimately real.

Obviously there is something 4Chan usersHe has information inside because he has already predicted some of the best releases to be successful. If the current big leak comes true, Nintendo fans can expect an eventful year. Especially when you look at it in the context of the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro.

According to a leak on 4Chan, Nintendo is planning a new Mario card, Zelda, Android, Fire Emblem and some other popular titles in 2021. On 4Chan / v /’s video game board, anonymous user confirmed that games appear indefinitely – some not until the beginning of 2022.

Mario Kart 9 may be officially announced and released this year. The Mario and his friends racing series, from the Nintendo universe, have been popular for decades, and the current part is already over 6 years old, so there will be a successor in the coming seasons.

The Legend of Zelda is also derived, which has been known for some time A new area, But the leaker said in his posts that its developer Grezo was already working on another Zelda game. After all, it must be a remake of the old Zelda area.

Fans of the Metro series should be excited too. Because according to the leak, the 2D MetroD title is in operation. In addition, there seems to be a possibility of releasing the Android Prime trilogy for the Nintendo Switch.

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Two new characters are about to be released for Super Smash Brothers, namely Ninja Cayden’s Ryu Hayapusa and Fantasy Star Online 2’s Matoi. However, there are some other characters in the works for Smash Brothers.

Last but not least, the 4Chan leak revealed that a new Kirby area should be in development, and the Dark Souls 2 port for the Nintendo Switch.