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What was the first Nintendo game with Super Mario?

What was the first Nintendo game with Super Mario?

That Super Mario Being one of the most popular and recognizable video game characters in the world is questionable. Nintendo Was able to create a real icon beyond the video game field. It is very difficult to count the games that see him as a protagonist today. But what was the first video game with Mario as the protagonist?.

To find the answer, you have to go back to 1981, 40 years ago. In that year Shikeru Miyamoto Created the first, best masterpiece of a glorious life: this Donkey, One of the most popular arcades of all time. He is the protagonist of that adventure with only four levels, our Mario. Except that at that time he was not yet known by this name: he called himself Jumpman And by profession he Carpentry, Not the plumber. In fact, even the name acts backwards because the protagonist is nothing at first. In fact, its creation could never have happened: Miyamoto’s original idea had to be used Poppy (Known in Italy Hand wrestling) As the protagonist, but the failure to acquire the rights to this brand forced the game designer to create the original character for the game. This is only a beginning.

The first game in which our hero received his official and final name was Mario Brothers since 1983, which was another arcade title that also saw the introduction of his brother Luigi. The choice of the name Mario is a tribute from Nintendo Mario Segale, An American businessman who rented a building for the company in 1981, which became Big N’s first headquarters United States. So Mario was born of all sorts, and then he would get the nickname “Super” when he became the protagonist of his first, truly great adventure: Super Mario Brothers., Came NES In 1985. The rest of history, including the most recent successes, continues today Super Mario Odyssey Per Click (Here is ours to learn more Super Mario Odyssey Review). Did you know that too? The Super Mario Brothers sealed copy for NES sold for 60,660,000?

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