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La Bêta De Whatsapp Desktop Arrive Officiellement Sur Windows

The WhatsApp desktop beta is officially coming to Windows

Although it takes time to build the app, there is a processor that takes up all the time in the world and there are many more to take to the next level. We are talking about WhatsApp, which, although available on all sites, does not seem to be encouraged to launch its cross-device version.

WhatsApp desktop beta is coming to Windows

Now, despite being with us for a while, the company has finally launched the Windows and MacOS Windows desktop beta. An application that has not introduced many new features for now, but as always, will be the first person to integrate new functions into the application.

However, in the WhatsApp desktop beta, there is an improvement in the official processor such as previewing before sending audio messages. If it is interesting enough in mobile applications, it may be less in its PC version.

1629705786 405 WhatsApp Desktop Beta Comes Officially on Windows

Unlike the official app, the beta version of the WhatsApp desktop is not available in the Microsoft Store, however, as stated by the company, it will be updated automatically once the processor is installed on our computer. No need to download new installers. Here is the app download link for anyone who wants to access the WhatsApp desktop beta program. What do you think of this message?

Download the beta version of WhatsApp desktop

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