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The well-known internal - nerd 4. The new exclusive game for PS5 in E3 2021 according to Life

The well-known internal – nerd 4. The new exclusive game for PS5 in E3 2021 according to Life

Players around the world can’t wait to see the new number of Final Fantasy 16 episodes in the history of Square Enix. However, we have now discovered that there may be many more ways for a Japanese company: a famous insider actually says we can expectE3 2021, An announcement dedicated to a new game Final Fantasy exclusively for PS5.

Source of this information Navdra, In addition to Sony Ratchet & Clang Rift, Scooby A Great Adventure, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Banned West, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morals, Demons Souls and Project Athea (later confirmed as Forboken). To these we add the fact that Navtra was looking forward to the announcement of Final Fantasy 16 and the PlayStation’s exclusive DLC for Marvel Avengers. In other words, it is a source that we can find very reliable.

Isn’t Final Fantasy XVI the only chapter in development?

Navtra now says, via reset: “I think at least one big one can be expected Advertising In addition to the updates to the currently announced games (16/14 Endwalker / 7 remake), it is dedicated to Final Fantasy. Overall Square Enix should be a good E3 2021. ”

Then, the insider says “he doesn’t know”E3 by Square Enix, But I based my predictions on the games they have in development, at what stage they are in development, and how much I know about their planned release period. So take my statements with a pinch of salt. But he reiterates that this new Final Fantasy PS5 will be exclusive.

It’s not clearExclusive Like Final Fantasy 7 remake and Final Fantasy is a total or a tentative exclusive 16. As always, while it is true that this is an insider with a positive history, keep in mind that we are only talking about leaks, not official information. Also, the announcement of a game can be postponed for a number of reasons, and no game can be offered on E3 2021, even if what the insider says is true.

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In the meantime, you can appreciate the new images with the characters and the official main arts of Final Fantasy 7 remake Intergrade.