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Fallout 76: Map of 2021 with all news

Fallout 76 will continue to grow in 2021 with the introduction of new dynamics – but what awaits us specifically in this third year? What has changed so far?

2021 promises to be a very rich year Rainfall 76. In fact, Bethesda has many new features for its online roll-flaming game that aims to enrich the already greatly enhanced experience in the two and a half years since its release. The publisher’s promise for Pallwood 76 gamers is indeed constantly growing, and with the introduction of the new dynamics brings to life an even broader gaming experience. But what in particular awaits us in 2021? What has changed so far? Let’s find out together.

La Roadmap

The 2021 road map has already come to life and promises to be very interesting. Steel Kingdom is coming this summer, continuing the Steel story of fraternity with new missions, new locations, new non-player characters and powerful rewards. In addition, you can create specific mythological items thanks to the famous modules. The evolution of private worlds and the expansion of day-to-day operations are expected in the fall. Finally, in the winter, four-star glorious weapons and armor will enter the game, as well as the much-loved animals for CAMP! The general challenge is to invade all users of the “Invaders Beyond the Galaxy” server to complete the challenge, while at the same time having a new seasonal event, ritual, Point Pleasant fanatics.

Spring update

The game of fossball?

In April, the “Ready and Loads” spring update came out, bringing with it many new features with substantial downloads. There are two that are particularly requested by the community in various introductions: the opportunity to create preset equipment for special properties and new locations for CAMPs. Special equipment, And starting at level 25 it applies: in practice it allows you to quickly reset the parameters of special skills by changing the skill cards and arranging them in different ways. This New Testament can be stored so that it can be recalled quickly when needed, and can have two separate spaces. The transition to CAMP management is based on practically the same principle: you can get another slot to store the formatted and modified CAMP so you can choose when to use it. Among other innovations, new events and enemies have been added, especially at the beginning of Season 4, when we encounter Commissioner Chaos and Yukon 5 robots in a new adventure.

Barren lands

With those pips!
With those pips!

However, the update has been going on for some time now, and has reached its peak with the release of the free extended shower 76: Wastelanders, released on April 7, 2020. A tremendous update, which was introduced Non-player characters Appalachia and new major missions. The arrival of non-player characters has allowed the implementation of a mechanic for dialogue similar to Pallwood 3, after a start involving only the presence of human players, with a variety of choices, special lines and situational options. In addition, sections of Greater’s rowdies and trust immigrants have arrived, full of dedicated missions; Again, allies controlled by artificial intelligence, events, objects and new areas. You can meet friendly countries, especially in different parts of Appalachia, and each of them will want something in return for becoming part of your happy gang. Once recruited they will be in your CAMP, and you can build structures dedicated to them and perform the tasks assigned to you on a daily basis.

One of the features that has really changed is the pastInterface Trips. There is no doubt that Pallwood 76 was previously very confusing in this view. With the new extension, the entire interface on the screen has been revised, which now distinguishes the main tasks from the secondary ones. Task management is also greatly improved by the map. Barren lands also introduced a new coin dedicated to the Est game: i Gold wires. Once the expansion campaign is over, daily tasks or public events can be undertaken to retrieve notes that can be exchanged for ingots. With these you can access maps of new weapons, armor and structures.

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Steel Dawn

Appalachia is now more alive than ever
Appalachia is now more alive than ever

In December it was the turn of Alpha de Acio, the first chapter of the fraternity’s steel mission, which will continue with the Reno de Acio in the summer. In addition to new tasks, the renewed commitment led to the introduction of characters and contexts that were designed to expand stories and deliver new rewards. This allows you to go underground Shelters, Should incorporate instant interior environments into the CAMP and customize it to express one’s creative nature, on a budget higher than the standard. In short, today Pallwood 76 is a very different game from the most critically acclaimed game that Bethesda released in 2018. The sheer amount of content will attract new players, but it would have been hard to expect better support from the American software home. What do you think about this? Are you still playing Ballwood 76? What are your most appreciated messages? Let us know in the comments below.