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Digital Scavenger Hunt - Anten Munster

Digital Scavenger Hunt – Anten Munster

Q.UNI and the new joint venture WWU Cultural Office Since the end of April 2021, we invite you to learn about the old town complex in Munster in a playful way.

With the help of the freely accessible “PiperCourse” app, an interactive discovery course is available to all interested parties on WWU’s old campus.

The central starting point is the statue of Franz Freiher von Forstenberg, the founder of the university near Cathedral Square. The route leads to the center of the tour via another 17 stations in downtown Munster: Castle Garden and the annual Q.UNI camp.

This offer is primarily aimed at children and young people between the ages of 10 and 14, but it is also for parents, grandparents or students.

What is there to find?

The course is made up of various elements: colorful information about courses and research fields alternating with quizzes and tasks that can be solved individually or in a group.

This includes, for example, the number of ancient scriptures present in the Bible Museum, but also audio recordings made by students in various languages ​​that should be recognized and assigned.

The path of discovery also draws attention to architectural and artistic highlights such as sculptures on the university campus or new buildings such as philosophy.

Information about the use of “Biparcours”

Application Bipolar You can find it in every app store: Download it on your mobile phone or tablet, search for “Q.UNI Mnster” or “WWU”, download the route and start scavenging through the city center of Munster! The application is available for free for each operating system.

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Instructions – Using the “PiperCourse” application

  1. Enter “PiperCourse” in the search field on your mobile phone or tablet in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Select the “BIPARCOURS” application and install it.
  3. After a successful installation: Open the app on your mobile phone or tablet and tap the “Barcourse Field” button.
  4. Enter “Q.UNI” or “WWU” under the search and select the first result.
  5. The “Q.UNI” course will appear as a result of the search. Choose
  6. Opens a comprehensive view of the course, scroll down slightly, and tap Start.
  7. Content is loaded and the process continues by accepting the Terms of Use and Data Protection Notice.
  8. Guides everything through the application and is self-explanatory.
  9. The syllabus can also be downloaded so that the path can be run without WiFi or mobile data. Click “Download” at the beginning of the start page to store media content on your mobile phone or tablet.

Here You can of course print the map with the stations of the map.