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The use of TousAntiCovid has been accused of endangering French data

The use of TousAntiCovid has been accused of endangering French data

Posted by Graziella L. on August 22, 2021 11:47 AM

The use of TousAntiCovid has become necessary with the introduction of the Health Pass, exposing the vulnerabilities in user safety.

This is what you need Social life, Application TousAntiCovid Lets present yours Health Pass On top of that Phone. But a Study Carried out from June Analyzed Risks The application presents itself to its user Collects every 12 hours Detailed and time stamped figures. This function is problematic Security And this Security of personal life And “Contrary to data reduction policy“For all three Researchers On ID Security At the beginning of this invention.

TousAntiCovid Integrates Bluetooth tracing From Contacts And From Campus By QR code. The Government Privacy protection is guaranteed, and this study describes three important issues related to this. By showing their health card to enter a location, users can access their health data. Location. With that, It is possible to guess if two people go to different places at the same time when the scans of many people are reduced at the same time, thus they can guess that they know each other.

What is another problem Health data leak. When there is a user Positive test done To Govt, He had no reason to go to a public place and scan his QR code. The Data synchronization Location-based tracking is stopped so that the user can guess the positive test, thus a Confidential health data. Finally, the application TousAntiCovid Allows’Identification Precisely a person, by cross-checking the data of the system, it is subject to underminingName unknown Of the beneficiary.

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From June, the Statistical collection Is activated automatically but can be disabled manually and easily. When you open the app, you need to go to the bottom of the home page and click on it Settings. Then uncheck the box Measurement of statistics and audience And press Delete my data. It will control Invasion of your privacy By application.