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The update brings wireless connectivity to V28 PC and 120Hz - Nerd 4. Life

The update brings wireless connectivity to V28 PC and 120Hz – Nerd 4. Life

Oculus Quest 2 has been confirmed as the most interesting choice in the field of virtual reality

Oculus Quest2 Is developing significantly in the new release Update V28 It brings, among other things, two basic additions to the computer software of the virtual reality headset. Wireless connection to PC Air connection and 120 Hz native support.

Following the announcement of the Oculus Gaming Showcase, an event is set to take place April 21 to 22 at midnight And there are details about the important V28 update for Oculus Quest 2, which brings a lot of news to the world of Oculus visitors, making the new headset even more advanced and promising. Not one yet Exit date The update is accurate, but should come in the next few days.

Airport connection Oculus will allow you to connect Quest 2 to a PC without the need for cables, which until now had a standard Oculus connection, thus making the viewer completely free even in this mode, WiFi connection. This is the first version of this type of link, so it will lend itself to further evolutions and compatibility.

For now, Oculus recommends using WPA-2 Wi-Fi mode and a 5GHz network with an AC or AX router, which is connected directly to the PC via an Ethernet cable. These are at least the team’s advice to minimize any issues with delay or signal loss, but the question is still testing and needs to be tested in person.

Another important addition is the native 120Hz support, which should significantly improve the content display Update The views are too much. All this makes Oculus Quest 2 even more credible, on the other hand you can learn more by reading Pierlo Polo Greco’s Oculus Quest 2 review, which has already proven a success in its field.

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