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The Twin Gods of Oblivion will be released on the Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2022 • Nintendo Connect

The Twin Gods of Oblivion will be released on the Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2022 • Nintendo Connect

In this puzzle and adventure game alone or in pairs in local co-op mode – cooperation is the end of it all. The twin sisters Aisha and Lisha have to stick together if they want to get safely into the abandoned temple. They exchange notes with each other and operate the devices together, with the help of which they penetrate deep into the temple.

But beware: there are many threatening monsters and deception traps lurking there – and some of them lead to the end of the alternative game. Last but not least, the atmospheric music and emotional story make this game an exciting journey.

Alisha – Oblivion of the Twin Gods It is a dream-like fantasy adventure that tells the story of twins Lisha and Aisha. If they find an ancient temple, they must work together to overcome the numerous challenges that come with it and unravel the mystery of their destiny.

Alone in the stunning 3D world of Alisha’s Alone or with a friend, combine the unique talents of the duo and move forward. Alisha was specially created for the unique hardware features of the Nintendo Switch and is an emotional journey unknown by the extraordinary and amazing Kamble.

  • Lisha, the most rational and intelligent of the twins, flies through the temple with her AI robot “AMBU”, scans interesting objects and infiltrates areas in search of clues and useful items that Aisha cannot reach.
  • On the other hand, Ayesha is very adventurous and brave. She does not feel any pain, so she can explore the temple pedestrian better, face increasingly dangerous challenges, and perform physical tasks.

Experiment by changing characters when you play alone – or catch a friend for an adventure and face the challenges at the temple together!

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