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"The Troika government is a failure of politics", Musumechi first 'unloads' |  Blog Sicily

“The Troika government is a failure of politics”, Musumechi first ‘unloads’ | Blog Sicily

“The Drake Government Is the consecration of Failure The failure of the political geography of Italian politics, an anomaly. The head of the Sicilian region said, Nello Musumeci, Speaker at the DC Foundation Conference in St. Vincent (Aosta).

Musumeci’s lunge

“In the democratic framework – Musumeci said – political forces with close sensitivities rule together. In Italy, on the other hand, we have seen Center right An ambulance is coming to rescue the majority Center left Could not express a government. “

Why parties?

To Musumeci “If we were all together, why 15 parties?”.

Conference program

Saturday 23 October 2021 – 11.00 Roundtable: ‘20% of the four lists, where is the new DC? ‘ Rocco Boutiglione, Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Guido Crocetto, Paola de Micheli, Rafael Fitto, Emilio Floris, Giuseppe Garkani, Upaldo Livolci, Piaggio Maimon, Augusto Mincolini, நெல்லோ முசுமேசி, Francesco Verderami, Claudio Vivona, Appraiser Angelo Polimeno Bott.

16.00 Round Table: ‘Is the Green Whale Coming?’ With Angelo Bonelli, Rogo Boutiglion, Don Gianni Fusco, David Marafino, Paulo Prisco, Vincenzo Sanasi DRP, Renato Soru, Michael Juin. Managed by Stefano Tunis.

2021 October 24 Sunday – Holy Mass, 10.00 am. Then there are Paola Baldosi, Anna Maria Bernini, Giambiero Cadone, Lorenzo Cisa, Maria Stella Gelmini, Roberto Ociuto, Ettore Rosado, Gianfranco Rotondi, Antonio Dazani, Renado Brunetta, Massimo Caravaca. Congratulations to President Silvio Berlusconi, the arbitrator of Anna La Rosa.

Previous attacks

This is not the first time Muzammezi has taken it upon Prime Minister Drake. A few days ago, Sky spoke about funding in a speech to launch on Digi24 PNRRHe said: “President Drake would have done well to listen to the regions. There was a severe lack of democracy and relations with the regions. How to incorporate infrastructure efforts into a plan without agreeing with the governors on what the priorities are?”

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“It would have been useful – he added – if the government had given us designers capable of designing works in six months, not in six years as is happening today. This is not the way to bridge the north-south gap.