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The trick to finding out who blocked you on WhatsApp

The trick to finding out who blocked you on WhatsApp

Let’s face it: WhatsApp is so useful, we can call and text for free with anyone, old friends, distant relatives and many more. But it also has drawbacks. An example? Who stopped us has a secret.

Blocking someone on social networks – and therefore on WhatsApp – is not a particularly good gesture: there is no way to get to know or contact that person once you are blocked.

But precisely because the social news network has hidden it from us, we are still curious to know who might have stopped us. The great thing is that there is a way to know everything exactly.

Let’s get to the point. The clues we need to follow are above all else: the account we suspect is blocking us is not online. Not only that, the last invisible, date or last time our contact was available online. Could he have stopped us? Yes, but make sure you have at least three details.


The person who stopped us automatically made their profile picture unbeknownst to us. We check and see the picture and of course we are not blocked. But, on the other hand, if the film disappears, there is extra clue.

Well, one last check is missing. We will write any message to our contact: If no double check or blue check appears, the chances of us being blocked are very high. But there is one last step to confirm: we will try to see (again via WhatsApp) our contact whose image we did not see or last accessed. Does the application allow us to call? If the answer is no, well, make sure we are blocked.

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