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Simeon gets angry against those who illegally dump garbage through Dante and its surroundings every day

This is really an anger Deputy Mayor Massimo Simian Against some residents of public houses (even illegal ones) through Dante, they continue to use the courtyards and nearby streets as real rubbish, and openly challenge the municipality with letters on the doorstep. Here is the letter he sent to the newspapers some time ago.

“After removing waste and dirt from the Versailles municipality over the past two years, Via Dante 95’s public houses continue to deal with old rubbish problems. , The cultural site of the ancient hospital and the martyrdom of San Pietro.

Many tenants abuse the space, treating it as “no man’s land”, believing that companies have “no one”, “nothing masters” and “whose slaves”. These are some of the sentences written at the entrance to the 95th place. Another way to express disobedience to the rules.

This is a situation that occurs on a daily basis and is becoming unbearable not only for residents and businessmen, but also for residents visiting Versailles. Quick resolution of the issue through an action plan and target checks in conjunction with ATC Piedmont North is an absolute priority.

Respectful value should prevail because “decent” citizens cannot be considered second class “.

Maximum simian

Not long ago, on his Facebook page, he also supported the deputy mayor Gian Carlo Locarni, Chairman of the City Council With these words:

“My belief is that we must act harshly on the infamous facts and abuses by Donte in Versailles, and that the position of Deputy Mayor Massimo Simeon is not only precisely through Donde, but also with the ATC, and in the most regulated matters.”

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