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The trick to chatting on WhatsApp is whoever is blocking you

The trick to chatting on WhatsApp is whoever is blocking you

This may seem negative, but it is possible to chat with those who have blocked us on WhatsApp. Only to mend relationships can send the last message of hope and affection. Blocking is sometimes a very strict tool (certainly when used with friends).

This strategy is not clearly anticipated by the application, but there is a gap in the system that can be used to our advantage. A weak point on the platform will allow us to write to those who have stopped us and send them life if necessary.

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All you need to train is a partner. Look for someone who knows you and the contact you want to talk to again. This third person adds all of you to a group. Now you have three people in the same WhatsApp group. Now, please ask this third person to leave the group. Now the two of you, in a group, are the contact that blocked you and yourself.

Until this friend leaves the group (he can do it anytime) you have revoked all your rights, you can write to him, send him photos, audio and anything you want. Try to make up for it and apologize.

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