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Controversy in Leipzig hotel lobby: Afrim case simply unbelievable - political

Controversy in Leipzig hotel lobby: Afrim case simply unbelievable – political

In the Leipzig affair about the Jewish musician Gill Ofrim, the representations differ. The singer and actor has accused an employee of a “Westin” hotel of attacking him in an anti-Semitic manner in connection with his iconic necklace (“Pack your star”). The person accused Ofarim of defamation, and he responded with a criminal complaint, including false suspicions.

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The released camera images did not reveal who was wearing the off-the-shelf jewelry. The system malfunction is said to have caused stress and controversy. The hotel has released its staff after an internal investigation. The Attorney General’s Office is continuing its investigation. Ofarim complains that he does not believe. He is being teased on the web.

An opaque situation that cannot be considered political. At first, the incident appeared to be evidence of anti-Semitism, which unfortunately continues today in dark Germany and may worsen. Now it could have been an exchange of blows between two men holding each other in different ways; Unfortunately, anti-Semitism cannot be completely ruled out.

It should be surprising how these uncertainties are balanced in public statements about the importance of the debate on anti-Semitism, and events are separated from its discussion. Because the “Ofform case” is an example of conditions worthy of criticism or not. If you have any doubts about the process, it is not a charge or discharge. The fact that Afrim has been targeted online can also do something with his emotional video look.

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Anyone who expresses themselves on social networks creates a certain height of fall. Even minor malfunctions or instability can trigger specific reactions that are violent. However, these continue to be observed in cases where anti-Semitism does not play a role.

The crime is unlikely to have taken place in the hotel lobby

Guilt assessment is even harder. “Anti-Semitism” is highly reprehensible, but not a criminal offense. According to Ofarim, he is unlikely to have been criminally abused “in the West” or as a victim of coercion or treason.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the action will be based on libel or false suspicion, but it will not greatly contribute to the debate over anti-Semitism or how to combat it. The “Afrim case” is unbelievable so far.