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A guidebook to learn about plants and animals while hiking

A guidebook to learn about plants and animals while hiking

Bellas Ballads Editions lists a guide and mobile app for the most beautiful excursions between Cass and Sevens.

Advice for hiking enthusiasts looking for new trails to explore in the Loser region! The publisher of the guides, Bellas Ballet, has published a book that gives a sense of place to the walking paths between Cass and Sevens.

This little book of about a hundred pages is available in bookstores and supermarkets for 90 17.90, filtering ideas for walks along the edge of the Mont Loser, Dorn Gorges or Sevens valleys.

What is its advantage compared to a classic IGN map is that there are many examples and texts to learn more about local practices such as flora and fauna and agricultural pastor. “We were very keen to work with actors in this field to enrich this guide, which required six months of work.”, Explains author Yan Lu Ficchant. Proof that the result is successful, 2,000 copies have already been sold, and a reprint is currently in progress.

Listen to the birds on your phone

In addition to the book, walkers can also download a mobile app that acts as a GPS. Thanks to a QR code system that can illuminate with his phone, mountaineers can easily reach the starting point of their path.

If there is no network, they also have the option to download their route before departure to avoid accidents along the way. Finally, the last option and not least, by illuminating the maps on a paper guide, hikers will enjoy listening to the teasing of the birds around. What to take full eyes and ears.

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