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The trick of sending "invisible messages" on WhatsApp will drive you crazy

The trick of sending “invisible messages” on WhatsApp will drive you crazy

We love using WhatsApp: it allows us to call, video call, send photos and videos in chat, but also write very long messages (even from computer) and everything for free. To do all this, you need access to the network.

But we love WhatsApp for those thousand tricks that allow us to joke and make our friends laugh. There are a thousand types of these tricks, but the best is to send “invisible” messages.

The trick may seem simple, but it is not. Cannot send blank messages with continuous intervals. This is because WhatsApp has an automatic (and cannot be disabled) feature that eliminates blanks. That’s right: if we want to send a message, the application forces us to enter at least one letter, number or punctuation.

But let us come to: How to send invisible message on WhatsApp? According to some, just copying and pasting continuous space from another application on iOS is enough. But most often this way also prevents WhatsApp from sending messages. After? Well, there is another solution.

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If we want to make sure that our invisible message goes through: the only way is to use the site, where we will press the Copy button to copy a message (invisible, of course), and we will paste it into any of our dialogs. Done.

Pay attention to one detail: although the site always works properly, it can sometimes be a bit slow to generate our invisible message. If we want to make fun of our friends by convincing them that they are the ones with the problem on the smartphone, we have to have the patience to wait a few minutes. Whether we are using an Android system or an iOS system.

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