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The title no longer requires the PS Plus and Nintendo Switch online

According to a press release issued in the last few hours, Epic games From the moment of its transformation the The version can be played for free, Rocket LeagueCreated and published by the popular multiplayer title Zionics Studios, No more subscription required PlayStation Plus e Nintendo Switch Online To play online, to the delight of millions of gamers interested in the game. The most anticipated update for this time is not yet an official date, but it is expected later this year, mostly in mid-September. This result is not really quite surprising Sony e Nintendo, Except for a few topics like this Warframe e FortnightAllow players to enjoy lots of free online titles, without a paid subscription.

There is currently no information about the version Xbox One, So the title often requires a subscription Xbox Live Gold. However, especially for newcomers, this is good news for those who are likely to try Rocket League without the need to subscribe to specific sites. In an official blog post, he outlined other changes that come with the Zionics Rocket League free-to-play update, including an experience specifically designed for players who have decided to access the title for the first time. A new tutorial It has the function of teaching basic HUD and button layout, and some more New challenges Items included in the basic version of the title can be opened.

The Rocket League also acquires new competing teams, three Grand Champion rank levels and a new higher competitive rank, the Supersonic Legend. According to Zionics, a new game update is expected in mid-September, which is expected to be a real upgrade to the free-to-play version. We look forward to hearing more about the title and its next update.

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