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The studios are crowded with developers

The studios are crowded with developers

A new report indicates that many Ubisoft employees are leaving. Canadian studios in particular have been hit.

Ubisoft’s Canadian studios are battling a number of layoffs, according to a new internal report. The whole thing goes so far as to refer to this as the “big discharge” or “bleeding”. Ubisoft Montreal, which is responsible for Reinbow Six Siege and Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry studio Ubisoft Toronto have both lost at least 120 employees in the past six months, according to the report. And only those that can be found through LinkedIn. We will keep you informed of this development.

The internal report gives the numbers

It’s about: Ubisoft has shared some information about a development called “Great Exodus”. According to the report, Canadian studios have been particularly affected. Examining LinkedIn’s operating system, Axios Ubisoft found that each of the Toronto and Montreal teams lost at least 60 employees – within six months. But what do these numbers mean?

Fluctuations in comparison: Ubisoft has a volatility rate of 12%, according to its own data. That is not a small number. In comparison, Axios offers EA rating of 9, Take Two with 8 and Epic Games 7 percent. However, in the corrupt publisher Activision Blizzard, the rate is 16 percent higher.

The numbers represent the entire company: However, 12% are affiliated with Ubisoft – 20,000 employees and 50 studios worldwide. If you look at the Canadian studios mentioned above, the proportion that is already relatively high is even higher.

The team responsible for Far Cry 6 has lost some developers.
The team responsible for Far Cry 6 has lost some developers.

Causes of fluctuations

Competition and pay: One reason developers are leaving is competition in Canadian locations. As Axios found, some former Ubisoft employees have received lucrative offers from competitors. Ubisoft responded by raising salaries in Canada.

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Work culture problem: But even The sexual problem, which has been the subject of locals for many years, To play a role. On the one hand, misconduct in the company, according to the Axios report, some powerful men left Ubisoft, on the other hand, there are repeated voices that not enough has been done about the problem. 1000 current and former employees signed a letter criticizing this.

A person who works at Axios quotes colleagues leaving with the following words:

I think abuse and toxicity are contributing factors, but not the most important.

However, after that, the quoted person adds a big “but”:

Women and people of color perceive them as decisive factors.

How dramatic is the situation?

In response to the question, it should be reiterated that Canadian studios in particular have been affected. Axios says some of the most important developers who left the company were:

It employs at least 5 of the 25 best developers For Cry6 And 12 of the first 50 are responsible Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Would have left the company. People currently working at Ubisoft have told Axios that higher earnings are already having a negative impact on plans. For example, there is talk of delays or those with appropriate prior knowledge missing at certain points.

Ubisoft told Axios that it had hired 2,600 new employees since April. Axios says it had more than 4,500 new employees in each of the previous two full years. As a result, there are numerous job advertisements currently running on Ubisoft, for example Go to the new Splinter. We are looking for programmers and managers.

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