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The Steam store page is finally online

The Steam store page is finally online

From Sarah Betsold
Release of the Elton Ring of the software Reachable: The shop page for Active RPG is now online on Steam. Fans can now add the title to their wishlist.

Elton Ring is probably one of the most exciting video games of the coming months. Expectations are high for an action roll-flaming game to be developed from software with the help of Game of Thrones. Fans are reacting accordingly to the fact that the Elton Ring Shop website has now gone online on Steam.

Is the Elton Ring a “casual game”?

The The steam shop site is listed on the Elton Ring There is a fantasy action RPG and already known screen shots and the official teaser trailer. The scheduled release date is January 21, 2022. However, there is currently no way to pre-order the game. Interested fans can visit the Elton Ring But add it to your wishlist to get the notification already available through Steam.

No further information is available, such as system requirements and installation size, but an overview of available languages ​​is already available. As a result, Elton Ring will receive an English voiceover. However, players can set up a German language user interface and German subtitles.

By the way, some Steam users found the custom tags for the Eldon Ring fun: according to Steam, popular tags include “Souls-Like”, “RPG” and “Dark Fantasy”, but “normal games” – and the Eldon Ring should be everything, but “normal Not the game. It remains to be seen whether this day will be permanently on the Souls-Like Shop page – but this is definitely a fun swipe at the level of difficulty of form software games.

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