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The steam site arouses your interest, but is advised with caution

The steam site arouses your interest, but is advised with caution

For what kind of players?

As we all know, the success of the Nintendo Switch is largely based on its concept. Mixed “Both the home console and the portable console can be moved anywhere without losing the display quality. Sports. This section in which the valve establishes itself with its steam deck is now well embedded in the minds of the players.

Presenting itself first as a small console, the device promises many things. With this, you can access all of its Steam games, but in principle, install other sites, Xbox Game Boss

Promises aside, this fact ultimately raises a reasonable question: Who is this console for?
As mentioned Garden Dwarf In our opinion, whether you have a solid PC or PC, you need to see if you want to have this type of console at your fingertips. Skills

I have a home gaming PC and a phone capable of running games. I play video game only at home. Otherwise, I’m in the office (I do not play games), or with friends or family (again, no video games).

Doubts were shared Java. If he thinks Nintendo has nothing to prove in the handheld console segment, it is not clear when it comes to the PC experience:

“Trying to emulate the PC experience on the laptop, I do not believe it (…) it would be useful for the most nomadic people, but in these infections it did not come at the right time. Period.”

Bibofokencalecon For its part, the steam deck is very practical (right?). It summarizes the issue of a lot of players: Will the portable console still be useful in 2022?

From GPA I do not play in mobile mode and small screens, and I was not initially receptive.

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