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The start of the 2022 Flower Homes competition

The start of the 2022 Flower Homes competition

This competition contributes to improving the living environment and improving heritage and our community.

For the fourth year in a row, the “Flower Homes” competition aims to reward and reward Lanmesannois’ enthusiastic work in decorating and gardening their gardens, balconies and terraces.

The decoration of the streets has always been at the center of the arbitral tribunal’s concerns of Nicholas Duran, Mary-Claude Dubrat, Colette Douglos and Jean-Claude Supius. They are the neighbors and the starters of the glowing houses. Nicolas Touron and members of the jury will look after water management closely.

Nicolas Touron explains: “Like last year, participants will come when they believe their project will be finalized. We will adapt to the contestants. Our goal is to make our city more beautiful and attractive. We had a flower in the competition (cities and villages bloomed). I find that this complementarity is represented by Jean-Claude Sufias and his team, who are fully engaged and in harmony. “

Jean-Claude Supius continues: “We should try to retain this title. This year there will be a surprise visit, which will determine the layout of the place and the cleanliness of the city. We have noticed a lot of vulgarity. Potting is in progress.We have to go all over our city to list all the dilapidated buildings and so on.We have restored the large stone door of Pouy.The house, placed at the entrance of the city, the latter marks our history.The cleanliness, decoration and competition of the cities and flourishing villages are inherently intertwined.

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Colette Douglos insists: “I would say maintaining your garden or vegetable area is best for your health and the planet. Therefore, all your spades, your racks and your irrigation cans.”

Mary-Claude Dubrat declares: “We started this movement with Christmas lights. We noticed people getting involved and the action was snowing. Cleanliness of the city is one of our priorities.”

register it!

Many amateur gardeners and enthusiasts are already working hard for a better year. So do not hesitate anymore, register till June 30, 2022 and participate in the competition for free. The rules and registration form can be downloaded from the website ““Otherwise, they will be collected directly from the town hall. Winners will be given gift vouchers.

The jury will travel the streets of the city during the summer and establish rankings in a variety of categories.