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The software's new IP "is more like a soul than the Elton Ring and Segro", according to a rumor -

The software’s new IP “is more like a soul than the Elton Ring and Segro”, according to a rumor –

Mysterious and supposed New IP Currently running in studios exclusively for the PS5 From the software It could have been so “Like the soul Elton Ring and Seguro: Shadow Die Twice “, according to the latest rumors shared by Nick Baker in the latest episode of the Real Deal Xbox podcast.

For those unfamiliar with him, Baker is considered a well-known introvert and reliable source in the world. In the past, for example, he “took it right” for Goshi of Sushima’s Isle of Iggy expansion and the arrival of the final Fantasy 7 remake on the PlayStation Store.

From the software

According to the information released during this Web lightThe new mysterious feature from the framework for the PS5 will have a more pronounced soul-like dynamics than the Sequoia: the shadow tie twice and the much-anticipated Elton Ring.

In the first case we are talking about a topic that actually has an obvious functional component, which also includes some stealthy dynamics that were not present in previous souls. For the Elden Ring, on the other hand, it is still a little too early to compare with the studio’s previous works, but in this case Baker can refer to the “human-sized” game world without the booms.

Information to be confirmed, but we do not have to wait long to learn more. According to several sources, Sony will release a new State of the Play next week. We know that FromSoftware works in the Elden Ring, but an expression during the event, perhaps even in the form of a small teaser, cannot exclude a Priory.

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