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The shows are incredible, points for PES 2022 photosynthesis -

The shows are incredible, points for PES 2022 photosynthesis –

Sidaro Kimura, producer of the EFootball PES series, commented on its effectiveness PS5, Calls them incredible. Goal, with PES 2022, Should be as close as possible fotorealismo. His words are shared here, through an interview with Play magazine (No. 2).

Kimura said: “Le Performance of the PS5 They are incredible, and while reaping the benefits, we face many challenges and believe we are close to the ‘next level’. Anyway, no matter how good the performance of the PS5 is, there are various restrictions, so I think the path to the ‘next level’ is hard to walk. Because we aim for a kind of ‘photovoltaic’ that is the proper reproduction of the real world. These include the atmosphere of the stadium and the enthusiastic fans, the emotional facial expressions of the players, the texture of the skin and hair, the movement of the muscles and sweat. Even the seams of the uniforms. ”

“I think the main feature of this is to recreate the world: you have to achieve a direct-action state, but it will be a mineral and imperfect world. fotorealismo It should end by adding various elements to impress the users. The fans know how the players are, have seen other fans in the arena and have experienced the atmosphere of the arena in person. Therefore, ‘virtual cheating’ is very difficult. However, we believe this is a worthy challenge. “The PES 2022 Gonami will not reach the level of a dream, not even on the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, but on purpose and a visually luxurious game.

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Finally, Genoa eSports first virtual scooter eSerie A TIM | We remind you that won PES 2021. Also, we remind you that PES 2022 will be developed with Unreal Engine; You can read our special, eFootball PES 2022 and Unreal Engine: What awaits us?