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The San Diego High Court has reduced the fees for downloading documents online

The San Diego High Court has reduced the fees for downloading documents online

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The new city San Diego Superior Court and Satellite Courts will have new download fees starting January 1, 2021. Photo by Chris Stone

Responding to complaints, San Diego High Court Authorities have often announced lower fees for downloading court documents online.

Times support for San Diego development
With a small monthly contribution

The new payment system, effective January 1, affects documents purchased online Record of actions, It holds documents for many civil, petty claims and research cases.

Currently, the fee structure is 50 7.50 for the first 10 pages, regardless of whether the document is one or 10 pages, followed by 7 cents per page, up to a maximum of $ 40 per document.

The new payment system will be $ 1 per page for the first five pages and 40 cents per page
Additional page, up to a maximum cost of $ 50 per document.

“With increased home and remote access to court services, we have introduced a number of
We are now adjusting the price for new online skills and documents in recent months
Purchased online, ”said San Diego High Court executive Mike Roddy.

“We hope this new payment system will encourage court users to go online with copies of civil, petty claims and inspection documents, rather than waiting in line to come to court.”

Officials estimate that up to 79% of document download customers will find savings. They will
Pay less than 50 6.50 per page document.

Last year, San Diego High Court’s revenue for document downloads was $ 1.2 million. Court spokeswoman Emily Cox said the changes would reduce revenue by 2021 Courthouse told the news.

The chief minister announced the tariff changes on Thursday Judge Larry Alan Burns Head of the San Diego Federal Court District and San Diego High Court Judge Lorna Alxney At the final stage of the address of the courts.

The status of the court address was held by the San Diego County Bar Association and administered by the group’s chair, Johanna Schiavone.

Copies are regularly available for personal request at the court’s business offices and many more
Research kiosks that charge 50 cents a page in local courts, including those documents
Not published online.

The San Diego High Court has reduced the fees for downloading documents online Last modified: December 11, 2020 Issued by Ken Stone

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