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Galaxy S21: Samsung has released a feature to remove accidental hijackers from your photos

Galaxy S21: Samsung has released a feature to remove accidental hijackers from your photos

Although Samsung has released its Galaxy S21, the manufacturer is also releasing its latest One UI3 interface. Among the new features, a function to automatically delete people in the background of photos.

Who doesn’t photograph when they realize one or more completely unknown individuals slipped into the background? To avoid this disappointment, Samsung is introducing a new auto-delete function, which is available with the latest redesign of its overlay One UI3. This is called relaxation Item destroyer.

Adobe, the pioneer in this field

Redouching fans, especially through Lightroom or Photoshop, are familiar with this process, known in Adobe French as “replenishment of content”. The idea is simple, let’s select an element in the image, the software takes care of removing the selection and artificially creating the content to replace it. Very practical, the tool allows you to quickly fix a small defect, but make heavy touches.

The problem is, the choice is sometimes difficult. Adobe has spot detection instructions and Samsung is taking the good idea in its own way. In addition, the Korean manufacturer is bringing in the role of artificial intelligence to make the life of the user easier. So deleting people is done automated to the maximum with a certain efficiency. At least in the presentation video, it makes you dream.

Attractive promises

The user has to select the object to be deleted only with the simple “plate” of the finger. The utility determines the total selection, automatically removes the unwanted element and modifies the content. If the technology is well versed in Adobe, we still ask you to check out Samsung’s solution. Like his name Item destroyer In addition to accidentally captured persons other elements can be removed from the photo.

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Finally, it should be remembered that this type of touch can be misleading in quick counseling, while a little more detailed observation usually reveals the trick. Of course, some backgrounds are more complex than others and more difficult to manage by algorithms, especially when there are lines (perspective, architecture, window, etc.).

Future arrival for other models?

This functionality will be available on the new Samsung Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S21 Ultra on the new One UI3 overlay. Without further ado, Samsung suggests that the package be made available to other users later.

To see a demonstration of the process, go to the video below for 38 minutes 23 seconds.