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The risks it poses to home connections

Although wardriving has decreased compared to the past, it is still widespread. How does this function, which aims to browse the web with other people’s networks, work?

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Someone knows it, someone else doesn’t, and yet it is sadly still in practice. This “Wardriving”, In short it is nothing else The act of intercepting poorly protected WiFi networks by traveling in a car (but also by bicycle or animal) with a laptop.

Once Once the exact status of the network is identified, the geographical coordinates can be published on a specialized website. A sharing mechanism allows more people to connect through that particular route wi-fi. Substantial damage to someone who is “not hidden” in addition to “paying everyone” Link, Depending on the number of devices that can connect to the network.

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Wardriving: How Hackers Act and How to Defend Against These Attacks

In fact, it could change even more drastically Data theft and other harmful acts on the privacy of the unfortunate user. However, in principle, similar gestures should be made important “Scratch” the link of others.

In order to execute the terrible plan You must be equipped with a PC or Skills Network card compliant with the 802.11 wireless standard, 2.4 kHz band, software and usable antenna, a means of detecting and explicitly moving the signal reception level (Very few doubts arise in the car).

Unfortunately, those who make the task easier for these shady characters are also the ones who don’t change Preset password They put themselves at high risk when implemented.

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So the first useful advice to avoid these unpleasant surprises is precisionSet your own password, Which is difficult to decode. You need to implement one Encryption system and security protocol for your network (Wpa, Wpa2 or Wep). The rest do it thereFixed installation of updates, It does not lose security data.