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The remedy promises unprecedented graphics and uncensored horror

The remedy promises unprecedented graphics and uncensored horror

L ‘Allen Wake 2 announcement at TGA 2021 Undoubtedly one of the most welcome surprises of the festival organized by Geoff Kieghley. After looking forward to something live on stage, Sam Lake of Remedy Entertainment reveals us More details about the ambitious project.

Said Sam Lake Alan Wake 2 is the best gaming solution ever made. After experience with quantum brake and control, the development team is now familiar Northlight engine, And this Exclusively next generation nature The game obviously does the rest. The Northlight graphics engine was designed to support and accommodate Remedy’s favorite story elements during the development of the game. It focuses on cinematic realism, photorealistic characters, large-scale destruction and physics, and more. Along with the Alan Wake 2, the Northlight back engine CrossfireX is shown with the new trailer ai TGA 2021.

Graphics department of Alan Wake2 Reveal the horror elements of the game, Which – as Lake announced – will be more pronounced than Finnish studio’s past. As mentioned at the beginning of the announcement trailer the title has been rated “mature” by the ESRB, meaning there will be no complaints from the developers. By not realizing the duty, Lake felt a sense of “freedom” Compromise or audit itself and its content.

However, intimidating the player may not be a goal in its own right: after all, in Alan Wake 2, It will be functional to story to story: “For all of Alan Wake, the story is very central: this is a horror story. So let’s do a survival horror version of Remedy, and focus on the story … this is the horror story. Psychological mystery, Layer e Deep Dive. Yes, it can be scary. But it works very well in the game. “.

Alan Wake 2 PC and PlayStation 5 Consoles and Xbox Series X | Coming in 2023 at S.

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