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The release period of the Pygmy app is limited • Nintendo Connect

The release period of the Pygmy app is limited • Nintendo Connect

Niantic and Nintendo announced one Use of Pigmin As popular Pigmin GO Is titled, but not necessarily Pokemon GO It’s common for Pokmon not to lock in Pokmon – though Pigmin 3 Deluxe Definitely show fighting spirit.

In March of this year, Niantic and Nintendo introduced something surprising Use of Pigmin Announced for 2021. The Use of Pigmin Developed by Niantic Tokyo Studio and, according to the initial description, aims to encourage players to take a walk and make the process more enjoyable. Release period for those not yet named Use of Pigmin Has now been reduced. So far, users in Singapore have reported that there are seven types of Pygmies and that you can walk with the app running to expand your Pygmy team and then send them on different trips.

According to Nintendo, The Use of Pigmin In the second half of 2021. It is based on the current one Financial statementReleased today.

In our mobile business, we are collaborating with Niantic to create a new app featuring Pygmies for smart devices. The title is expected to be released by Niantic in the second half of 2021.

Do you want to be interested Use of Pigmin You can already find yourself on a website Book in advanceShould be kept in updated condition.

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