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Nintendo offers a strong end to last fiscal year – ntower

Nintendo has released its latest financial figures. Accordingly, the forecasts of the documents released in the last financial year in February this year (We reported) Exceed it a little again. Despite the epidemic reflected in the general hardware sector and the resulting restrictions, the business is doing surprisingly well. The following figures represent the period from the beginning of April 2020 to the end of March 2021.

Net sales

  • 1.76 billion yen
  • 13.39 billion euros
  • Compared to the previous year: + 34.4%
  • Forecast for 2021/2022: 1.6 trillion yen (+ 9.0%)

Operational profit

  • 640.63 billion yen
  • 4.87 billion euros
  • Compared to the previous year: + 81.8%
  • Forecast for 2021/2022: 500 billion yen (+ 22.0%)

Profit before tax

  • 679.00 billion yen
  • 5.17 billion euros
  • Compared to the previous year: + 88.4%
  • Forecast for 2021/2022: 480 billion yen (+ 29.3%)

Net profit

  • 480.38 billion yen
  • 3.66 billion euros
  • Compared to the previous year: + 85.7%
  • Forecast for fiscal year 2021/2022: 340 billion yen (+ 29.2%)

Hardware sales can be traced back to the last financial year More than a third An increase compared to the previous financial year. This applies to both the original version of the Nintendo Switch and its completely mobile version, the Nintendo Switch Lite. This can also be seen in software sales. There you can also see the increase A good thirty percent Compared to the previous year. Has been in the last financial year as well 36 titles have been sold more than a million times – Including 22 in-headers Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Anger, And 14 including third-party titles Monster Hunter Rice. It can be assumed that first-party topics include games from previous fiscal years.

Prosperous professional Daniel Ahmed shared some graphics via Twitter, two of which you can see below, which show how the Japanese company’s revenue is divided between different sub-sectors. You can see it Half profit from hardware sales Results. A quarter falls on commercial versions of different games. The second graph shows the geographical distribution of income. Over Americans make up forty percent, One quarter we Europeans One-third of the income comes from the Japanese and others. Another graphic also shows that Nintendo could soon capture the strong net sales of the Wii era and see even the largest operating profit since the last financial year, 2008/2009. Retreated.

What do you think about numbers? Can Nintendo keep pace with their upcoming fiscal year?

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