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"Super 3D Mario World + Bowser's Fury" in the test for the Nintendo Switch!

“Super 3D Mario World + Bowser’s Fury” in the test for the Nintendo Switch!

We Are Classic “Super Mario 3D World “ Comes with “Bowser’s Fury” for its Nintendo Switch release. You can read in our test whether the operating system can convince Double Pack!

In celebration of the 35th birthday of the most famous Italian plumber in video game history, Mario combined the classic “Super Mario 64”, “Super Mario Sunshine” and “Super Mario Galaxy” with the “Best-Off” set, titled Super Mario All-Stars.Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s AngerThe reactions to it have been quite different: “Super Mario 3D World” on Wi-U has been one of the greatest Mario adventures of the last few years, but at the same time Nintendo was undoubtedly more than ever a treasure trove of big corporate history and indeed resources, energy in brand new switch adventures And of course be ashamed of investing money. Under the protection of the Japanese game developer, at least Mario has to admit that “Super Mario Odyssey” has an excellent switch, only the representative received a donation.


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Nonetheless, skepticism about the release of “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury” is not exactly small, especially as “Super Mario All-Stars” combines three major Mario representatives into one set, but at the same time the unloving switch- “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury” Can’t confirm this review for, which is mainly due to the strong addition of “Bowser’s Fury” which is a stand-alone game than many Nintendo Switch fans. The game engine and individual components from the main game’s switchboard were taken by the developers for “Bowser’s Fury”, but otherwise the game would be based on Super Mario Odyssey & Co. rather than the 3D world.

Greetings from Kaju-Bowser: That’s why “Bowser’s Anger” is so much fun

Bowsers Fury
In “Bowser’s Fury” you have to take Bowser to tremendous rage! Nintendo

Well, what does the floating Bowser Jr. do on Mario’s side? This question can be found here “Bowser’s Anger” The gigantic angry Bowser made his first epic appearance and rose from the depths of the game world when Mario, Bowser Jr. & Co. It is not surprising that Bowser’s son created a common cause with the priest announced in the short notice to confront his iconic father’s angry attacks. When you are Up to four players in (bed) co-op in “Super Mario 3D World”, You are often on your own in the gray rain at Bowser’s Fury – only Bowser Jr. can be controlled by another player.

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Not only the eye-catching cashew-bowser, but also the chic Sandbow beach, you should explore with Mario and Bowser Jr. The surprisingly large game world is divided into several small island groups, which you can access Look at the cat sign Goes. However, you do not get them, you usually have to do some tasks in different parts of the map – sometimes you have to collect coins, sometimes you have to knock a lot of enemies or overcome an obstacle course. Tasks repeat themselves after a while, but overall the hunt for cat identity is very different for most of the time – usually it is not difficult. In contrast to “Super Mario 3D World” you can not only stack an extra power object here, but five variants of each, which are relatively generously distributed in the game world. But why collect cat identities instead of the green stars in the main game?

This is because, from a certain number, you can activate the big cat bells scattered around the island and turn yourself into a big cat Mario who can face the angry Bowser. Movie fans feel the immediate recollection of old cashew films like Godzilla & Co or new representatives like “Pacific Rim”. If you show Bowser in his place, a new part of the island will be rewarded until you finally collect 50 cat symbols to send the giant Bowser of Wrath into the afterlife. Approximately eight to ten hours of fun Presents “Bowser’s Fury” in a respectable presentation, which suffers when a lot happens on screen: although most switch games are excellently optimized, the frame rate moves back and forth, especially in giant epic battles. Nevertheless, “Bowser’s Fury” turned out to be a surprisingly diverse and comprehensive Mario adventure.

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Super Mario 3D World has not lost its charm

Super Mario 3D world
“Super Mario 3D World” Hunting for green stars on Nintendo

Somehow this is a blessing for many Nintendo gamers, as opposed to the Wii and Nintendo Switch the Wii U has carved out a niche presence to a certain extent. Because for most “Super Mario 3D World” players * this should be the first encounter they encounter with the operating system. One thing has to be said from the beginning: the game has not lost its charm almost eight years after it was first released.

3D World was initially based on the classic Super Mario games, in which you are driven through eight worlds in one 3D top world, which are completely different in terms of title and content. From sand worlds to ghost castles, level skills are surprisingly large. In fact one of the strengths of “Super Mario 3D World” is that it occasionally has a Mario game in a classic blanket, which was as diverse and creative as it is here. When the creative aspect is a little short at the beginning, the world design world expands considerably, even though the adventure is so much easier for fans of Jump My Run. Anyone who has directed the Wii U version may be a little surprised at how Mario, Luigi, Beach and Todd move in the game world: in fact, the speed of movement of the game in the Switch version has increased significantly.

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Not only do you have to get the finish flag at the end of a certain level on individual levels, you also have to find three or more green stars so that you can open some game sections first. In the hunt for stars and targets, you do not have the aforementioned electrical items, and you can put Mario in a cat costume, with him, for example, to pull himself up the steep walls, but there are other characters to choose from, such as Peach, Todd and Luigi. At the beginning of each level you get spoiled for choice, which really makes a difference in terms of game dynamics: while Luigi progresses a lot more, Todd is way too fast. Peach, on the other hand, can jump for a while. So “Super Mario 3D World” can also be played with up to four players – in the switch version as well as in online multiplayer, which creates a lot of positive confusion in the game.

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Conclusion about “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Anger”

With “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury”, Nintendo has put together a really attractive package that is hard for fans to avoid: on the one hand, “Super Mario 3D World” has a great level of design, fun multiplayer and cool ideas are still one of the highlights of the genre. . On the other hand, the Switch version features “Bowser’s Fury”, an independent Mario adventure that features a lot of creative ideas and motivation to hunt down the fight between Mario and the angry Bowser in a large, coherent game world. Next Cats -Insignia. For those who like “3D World” and platform games, “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury” is a must buy. Everyone should think about this, though: even today the main game has not lost its charm, while “Bowser’s Fury” is more than a nice bonus.

Fury of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser is available for Nintendo Switch from February 12, 2021. The game trailer for the game can be found here: