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The release date will be leaked along with the video for Season 8

The release date will be leaked along with the video for Season 8

Response Entertainment and Electronic Arts failed to announce, but in Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Apex Legends Season 8 Video The release date of the Nintendo Switch version of Free War Royal is made explicitly.

In the tab that came with the video release on YouTube, is the joint statement of the fans who manage the social channels of Apex Legends News. “Frontier Stories – A Golden Legend” A description quoted there took two hours to locate Exit date Science fiction shooter on the Nintendo Switch.

Notes on the edge Description In Italian The original cover of the new Apex Legends video contained a note that was not in English “From February 2, play Season 8 on Switch too!”. The questionable sentence was removed from all multilingual versions of the card, but the time it took to read the trailer’s description on YouTube was enough to provoke a heated discussion on major social networks and video game forums.

E.A. And while we wait for clarification from Respani, we leave you for our in-depth analysis The surprises of Apex Legends Season 8 It will officially open on Tuesday 2 February on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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