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The region also expels citizens Florence novel

The region also expels citizens Florence novel

Strong disappointment Reveals Idra For the endRegional authority to guarantee and encourage participation Approval “Palazzo Vecchio’s restraining attitude towards hundreds of citizens who politely ask for transparency and public debate around an important issue in the Florentine city plan: Preservation and development of the “Heritage of Mankind” area in Altarno, Between Palazzo Pitti, Bopoli Gardens and Forte Belvedere “.

Amaro commented: The gap between city government and civil society has deepened. Despite the excuse of arguments put forward by the Florentine City Council to reject – but only through the Secretary-General – the demand of citizens for democracy,PowerDespite agreeing to the “Belvedere Laboratory” project, it was decided to withdraw its support so far. “Due to Correlation of themes Addressed and theirs The right algorithm approach”,
Accompanied by a commitment to facilitate its operation. “.

L ‘Power Instead he writes to the Society Idra, The promoter of the project, accepting the results of Palazzo Vecchio, it is not “I think it’s possible, [… ], At the present stage of the procedure, suspend and reschedule decisions to be taken by the municipal administration in the public interest in connection with the use of private property; That is, further participation does not correspond to the requirements for the proper implementation of the practice in progress. “.

IdraHe says not to share the conduct of the Authority Or on qualifications (And Publish who, For this purpose, reply sent to the General Secretary of the Municipality) Or method Accepted (after submitting the preliminary application, none of the requests for a meeting with the representatives of the citizens have been fulfilled).

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So it has been reported A request to the Ombudsman of Tuscany. மா Public events, meetings and cultural walks are in progress Open to residents, visitors and students, e Information activities. Coming soon, “Presentation of a large number of grafts Popoli-Belvedere Report, Signed by hundreds of women and cultural men from all order, geographical and cultural backgrounds: patches look like a moral and political challenge in the face A class of executives It constantly shows itself Not enough Regarding old and new needs emerging from civil society “.

Finally, on the initiative of the Municipal and Neighborhood Council Committee New Collection of Signatures of Residents in District 1 (This Modular)For an extraordinary council meeting open to citizenship. The urban variant adopted by Palazzo Vecchio is actually given to the private sector, with the former convents of San Giorgio and the Spirito Santo and San Girolamo and San Francisco being the closest to Popoli, A hotel single culture (86% tourism-accommodation + 5% direction), the same competitive practice that preceded the definition of new applications, according to urban planning regulations, should form an opinion “Is classified Adequate functional composition.

District Council 1 declared that it was necessary to redefine this “functional mix”: it would be useful and relevant to know the plan it would like to do, and “Deepen the discussion on the impact of this change on the surrounding area”. Some of the first collection points for signatures have been identified in Altarno (Sugar Blues, D de Cherokee 57R; Tapacheria D’Cuiziardini, Via de ‘Cuciardini 23/25R; residents are also taking action in San Nicol).

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For ideas, projects, contributions, availability, the ‘post box’ is all available at [email protected]: because, citizens insist, “Laboratory Belvedere” Continues!