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Microsoft Edge 88 for Windows and MacOS now distributed -

Microsoft releases Edge 90.0.818.56 for desktop with bug fixes –

In the evening, Microsoft released an unplanned update with version number 90.0.818.56 for Microsoft Edge for Windows and MacOS. Update provides the latest features and standard updates for Microsoft Edge: This update fixes various bugs and performance issues. With the last major update, CVE-2021-21227, CVE-2021-21228, CVE-2021-21229, CVE-2021-21230, CVE – 2021-21231, CVE-2021-21232, and CVE-2021-21233 have been identified as covering various security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge. The update for version 90.0.818.56 can be downloaded and installed using the update function via the menu -> Help and Feedback -> Information about Microsoft Edge and directly from the official website. More information about this update can be found below or at Microsoft.

Download -> Download Microsoft Edge for Windows and MacOS

Depending on the standard channel, updates are released gradually in one or more days. Users who have installed an older version of the Edge will receive an update automatically. If you do not want to wait too long, you can start the update manually: Open the Edge and click the three dot button in the upper right corner of the window -> Help and Feedback About Microsoft Edge -> When this dialog box opens, Edge searches for updates – > If you get an update, click Restart to activate it. If required, the update can be downloaded manually from the official website.

You can now download the latest version of Microsoft Edge from Microsoft:

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The update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • This update provides the latest features and standard updates for Microsoft Edge: Various bugs and performance issues have been fixed.

Microsoft Edge for Desktop -> Description via Microsoft

The new Microsoft Edge has been rebuilt from the ground up, giving you the best class compatibility and performance, security and privacy you need and the best features on the web. Based on the new Microsoft Edge Chromium engine, which improves compatibility and facilitates cross-site development of web applications. When switching to the new version, saved information, passwords, saved information for forms and basic settings will be changed without the customer doing anything. Microsoft Edge comes with optimal performance, gets new logo and has many innovations for private and corporate clients.

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