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Campo nomadi di Castel Romano, sulla Pontina in direzione Roma

The rays ‘unload’ Roma outside Rome. They will arrive in April and stay for two years

Outside Roma Castel is looking for a roof over Roma in the apartments of Romano, Cantoni, Salvathi 1 and 2, Monacchina, Lombroso, La Barbuda, Salon and Giordano. Released in the last days of 2020, the race certainly went unnoticed, sparking a series of controversies, especially from opposition political forces. It should be noted, however, that this is only the latest in a series of processes known as the “Roma Project” that began in 2017 and aims to “escape from the affluent villages of the Roma Capital”.

How, when, where
What has caused a stir is that now Mayor Virginia Rocky, through manager Barbara Luciani, intends to find a place for Roma currently in nomadic camps in the territory of the province of Rome. The call for tenders is actually divided into three places and the amount placed on the basis of each tender is 5 595,242.00. The total amount set aside by Roma Capital for the contract is 1,785,726.00 euros. In the first place include the Rome of Rio and the Rio de Janeiro region of the municipality I, II, III, IV, V; The second municipalities are Rome and Latin-Frosinone region of VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and the third municipalities are XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV and Civadavia-Witterbo regional region. Each of these places can cater for a total of 60 guests up to 20 people. 24 months from the date of work – approximately – from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021. However, the office reserves the right to extend contracts for the time required to complete the procedures. The date is not accidental. It is important to underline one paragraph at present in determining the approval of the tender notice. In a brief introduction to the “Roma Project” launched in 2017, in order for guests to escape from Roma Capitol’s Roma camps, it was emphasized that the comfortable village of Castell Romano must be closed by June 18, 2022. 8 May 2018 Correspondence with the date of discontinuation of contempt from environmental protection measures approved by order of the President of the Lazio Region. In fact, it expects this work to last until the 2022 quarter.

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Call for whom?
Economic operators operating in the community sector can guarantee temporary reception service in apartments in apartments or buildings, which may come before January 29, for normal use. Among these, the management team must ensure qualified individuals to achieve the educational objectives, an operator must have a dedicated mobile phone 24 hours a day for the performance of utility, laundry and cleaning service, clothing and footwear supply, food or food vouchers, personal hygiene, tasks, general medicine and safety equipment Support for parental responsibility through

Objectives of the “Rome Project”
The idea of ​​the radios is to provide access to those who have expressed a desire to begin the path of autonomy by signing the Solidarity Responsibility Treaty, and to those who need a period of time towards the right to self-determination and autonomy. Widespread reception in favor of Roma, Sindhi and Kaminandi people and nuclei “This, according to what can be read in the executive resolution of the call for tenders, represents the only way to support realistic active social inclusion processes, restricting the opportunity for reconsideration or bankruptcy”. Being widespread has been shown to be effective in promoting contact with people from a variety of backgrounds, including indigenous peoples, and in providing models and opportunities to overcome socio-economic marginalization conditions. ”There are no numbers to prove that the system works.

Political Rebellion: Reactions

Politicians and associations have not failed to comment on Virginia Rocky’s decision to find shelter for Roma camp guests, even outside of Roma. The July 21 Association for the Rights of Roma Community, describing the announcement, said: “Between the dramatic and the ridiculous, it continues in a film we have already seen: special bankruptcy policies, extortion of public money, the remaining sectors where they already are. A defamatory announcement for a clear re-education approach and then for seizing public money. But above all it was an act that finally and openly acknowledged the failure of the Roma project. Local politicians are also controversial. In Latina, for example, the municipal spokesman Gianluca de Coco and the regional deputy spokesman for the Italian brothers did not send him, who told Mayor Damiano Coleta to intervene. They commented in harsh words: «La Rocky accepts responsibility for its own failure and does not throw the results of its failure in other provinces, so in Latin. Rocky Grillina’s initiative is to use the provinces of Lazio to complete the Roma project, which began in 2017, which provided for the expulsion and closure of all camps in the Rome region before the end of the election mandate. After years of that plan failing, now Rocky is trying to shift the issue to provinces, including Latin, and consequently to our capital. We, the brethren of Italy, ask ourselves, through our advisers, a specific question in this regard, what does Latin Damiano Colette think about this, and what he wants to do to avoid this situation. Attacks by representatives of the Roman League and the Brothers of Italy and other cities affected by the blockade. The Five Star Movement responded by team leader Giuliano Pacetti: Between the fields and residences we have already closed Camping River, For Italico and Schiavonetti. We are straight home to Barbota and Monacina. The money invested to close the camps will be used to put an end to this dark side, and in any case to indicate a fall in the sea, compared to the waste that the league causes to keep them open திறந்து.

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