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The progress of downloading Android apps will now appear on the home screen

The Google Play Store makes a useful small change in the way you view app installation progress on your Android device. It is now visible on the home screen of an Android smartphone, making it easy for users to get an idea of ​​how long it takes to download an app. As a reminder, this feature was first tested as part of the Android 12 beta.

From now on, When a user clicks on the install option to download the app from the Google Play Store, the download progress is displayed on the home screen.. With the download status, users can see the black and white version of the processor icon with the progress ring.

When the application is ready to install, the download stage will change to “Install” and the application will be installed after a few seconds. This feature is similar to how an application downloads on iOS.

This will allow users to easily see how long it takes to download the app directly from the home screen, instead of having to go through the Google Play Store and go through menus and submenus.

If needed, users can always go to the Play Store app to stop the download process.

One feature was used

Has also been revealed This new change applies to downloads of new applications, not updates to existing applications. Although only one processor can be downloaded at a time in the Google Play Store, the home screen can show multiple apps for download, which will be downloaded when the time comes.

It is recommended that the new feature be released on Android devices running Android 11 and above (pixel and non-pixel).

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