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The Privacy Commissioner downloads the WeHealth app

The Privacy Commissioner downloads the WeHealth app

Bermuda Privacy Commissioner Alexander White said his office was “initially involved with the government” in the development of the Wealth Bermuda Covit-19 notice app, and that he had downloaded the app himself, saying it was created to protect privacy with the general public. ”

Commissioner White said, “In my previous conversations with the Bermudas about whether they would like to download the recently launched Wealth Bermuda app, the issue of trust was the first topic. People worry that their data may be shared or used in ways they did not think – or they may have registered themselves for tracking.

“The Bermudians are an example of how Wealth can earn trust in Bermuda,” he said.

“My office was involved with the government at the beginning of this process, and the technicians and civil servants I worked with quickly realized the privacy risks that could come with these types of applications. We reviewed these issues and risks together, and they addressed all my recommendations throughout the application design process.

“From the earliest days, this application aims to gain your trust through privacy protections. The government took what I call the “privacy-design” approach, which means deliberate planning and choosing the most privacy friendly among the many, many different possible options. Wealth Bermuda avoids danger [from a privacy perspective] Attitudes tried by other countries.

“The app is designed to prevent data from being misused, unless it is absolutely necessary to collect it first – then keep all that data on the phone. It is in your control, in your hands.

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“Not only that, even if Wealth Bermuda wants to collect more data or use the data in different ways, your phone will not allow it. Google and Apple, working together in a historic collaboration, set limits on what communication tracking apps can do – precisely to assure those concerned about “crawling” permissions.

“Concerned about data privacy in modern times is a reasonable thought, and technical issues feel more complex day by day. You can often feel that you do not understand enough to make informed decisions.

“I hope you are confident that the Wealth Bermuda application is designed so that you are in control. I chose to download the app myself because it was created to protect privacy with public health. It refers to solutions that we must try and support.

Since there may be a discrepancy in declaring that someone has downloaded an application designed anonymously, we must note that we know that the Commissioner of Privacy has publicly downloaded the application!

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