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The precocious twins Leonardo and Christian have won their battle

The precocious twins Leonardo and Christian have won their battle

PORDENONE – It took two months of treatment and the commitment of the entire team Mother and baby Irksin newborn intensive care “Burlo Carofolo”, But 2020 ended with a great news for Trieste Hospital and above all Portenone’s two twins are Leonardo and Christian Born last October 28th Premature (29 weeks) and weighs approximately 1000 g each, On December 29 they were able to leave Burlow and return home permanently, celebrating the arrival of 2021 with their parents. Is called the mother Elisa Bucolo, father Steven Changian. The family has two more children, Angelica 3 and a half years old and Matia 6 years old.

To achieve this important result, many problems had to be solved from the beginning, starting with the transport from the hospital in Porton. When they explain to Tin del Burlow. “The transport of the twins was never easy, only a great commitment from the Alberto Ferdoner and Asuki 118 crew allowed the two engines to leave at once, with two medical and nursing teams aboard the ship (one Dr. Pavan and nurse Manson, the other Dr. Tropan and nurse Giormani), We were able to quickly take both reins to our tin.Unexpected and of course a short initial trip, the journey of two Portenone twins, but after two months of intensive work and attentive care, at best, with the joy of parents and the satisfaction of the whole team in the first basic 60 days of Christian and Leonardo.
“During these two months – says Francesco Maria Risso, director of the tin of” Burlo Carofolo “- two” young men “have sometimes bothered us, but, thanks to the excellent doctors, nurses and the Oz team, things go better and a few days ago, and we are both very happy and satisfied Ren was also able to send home so that they can welcome the new year with their parents.I would like to thank the entire Burroughs team, which includes radiologists, laboratories, ophthalmologists, neurologists, psychologists and all experts involved in the management of preterm infants. Only, in fact, can an optimal result be obtained, and this is precisely because Burlow is not just a hospital, but a “working philosophy”!
A Victory
Great satisfaction on the part of Burlow’s General Manager, Stefano Torbole, and the entire strategic management of Irx. Moments like this – says Torpole – motivate us every day and give full meaning to our daily work. The strength of our organization is the ability to work with people, doctors, nurses, Oz, with dedication and enthusiasm, and the ability to work as a team that differentiates us in every situation. On this subtle occasion we would like to extend a special thank you to Dr. Ferdonand and Asuki for “entering the field with us” and for arranging the complex and extraordinary transport perfectly. Not only do we wish the twins and their parents a happy 2021, we wish them a happy and fulfilling life.

Happy We are happy, those were intense days, full of emotions now, but I did not hide the fact that in the beginning we were scared. However, the hospital team was fantastic. Leonardo and Christian are fine now and they eat and sleep like all children. We just checked in yesterday. This is all right “.

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